aborting on wait with messages?

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aborting on wait with messages?

Tore Nilsen via use-livecode
In my startup routines (which, admittedly are complex and modify stacks), I
have a routine which gets called, puts empty into a pair of global arrays
it is about to build or rebuild, and then a "wait 0 with messages"

It stops at the wait with "button "src_mcp": execution error at line 1535
(wait: aborted), char 1"

In normal use, this is simply a crude "parallelization" which lets other
things happen, such as the splash screen.

Zs I'm writing, it occurs to me:  could this possibly be because the
calling stack has been saved with a new name?  (this only seems to happen
when it detects the date at stack version name don't match, and
automatically reversions [i.e., the first time I open in the IDE on any
given day])
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