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clipboarddata mixed up

Tore Nilsen via use-livecode
I'm not sure how to figure out the difference in what's happening here.

1) use window's clipping tool to take a screenshot and hit ctrl+c to copy
the picture to the clipboard
2) right click on a picture in chrome and select copy to copy the picture
to the clipboard

In both cases, if I open a document in open office I can past the picture

But when I try to get the picture with clipboarddata["image"] it's empty in
case (2).

I selected the image I pasted into the document in case (2) and hit ctrl+c
to copy it to the clipboard, then pasted it into the document a second time
to confirm it was copied. After that, clipboarddata["image"] still has the
OLD image data in it.

It's like there are two clipboards?

I tried using
put the keys of clipboarddata into tKeys
but that doesn't give me anything.
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