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closestackrequest in iOS Simulator

Matthias Rebbe via use-livecode
Hi friends,

Xcode 9.2, LC 9 dp11 and LC 8.1.9 RC2

Out of a sudden, "closestackrequest" and "closestack"
do not seem to get sent to the stack in the simulator anymore?

I created a new empty stack with only this stackscript:
on closestackrequest
answer "closestack REQUEST!"
pass closestackrequest
end closestackrequest

on closestack
answer "closestack"
end closestack
I see both dialogs when I close the stack in the IDE, but in the simulator
(iPhone 5s - 11.2) I do not see any dialog when pressing the "Home" button?

What gives? Thanks for any hint.



Klaus Major
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