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confirmation problem

Just discovered that the lockmessages command
is not respected by the palette <stack> command.

I have a card preopenstack handler that gets triggered!

Can anyone confirm this...


make a button that contains this cool little script
it's my palette to stack mode switcher

create button "Pal"
set the autohilite of it to false

on mouseUp
  lock screen
  lock messages
  get (the short name of this stack)
  put the topleft of this stack into x
  if the hilite of me then
    unhilite me
    toplevel it
    set the decorations of stack it to default
    set the topleft of this stack to x
    hilite me
    palette it
    set the decorations of stack it to ""
    set the topleft of this stack to x
  end if
end mouseup

in your stack's card script put

on preopenstack
  put the time
  pass preopenstack
end preopenstack

When you toplevel the stack, you wont see the time
but if you "Palette" the stack, you will...

This is a bug right?

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