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more news re. ECMI, libRIP

Richard Gaskin
Last week I noted an upcoming addition to the ECMI spec, and announced
libRIP to help component developers handle updates.

Unless anyone can come up with a solid reason not to, the ECMI spec will
be updated to allow the XML file referenced in uRIP["updateInfoURL"] to
be in GZip format, and any references downloadable stacks in RIP
properties can also be GZipped.

The only requirement is that any GZipped file must end in ".gz".

This can significantly improve download times, and since you'll be able
to use libRIP to handle such things transparently it should be no more
effort on your part.

Of course when using your own RIP props in your own stuff you don't need
to handle GZip files if you don't want to; uncompressed files will
continue to be supported as with all earlier version of the ECMI spec.

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