mousedown on player in 8.1.4

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mousedown on player in 8.1.4

Nicolas Cueto via use-livecode
I was just testing a stack on LC 8.1.4 on the surface (win10) and for some reason im not getting the mousedown message on the player object in the stack.  worked fine in LC 7.1.4 on the surface. works on both LC 7 and 8 on the mac. cant find any new properties that deal with this.

does not matter if the controller is there or not. just odd. same behavior with mouse or touchscreen on the surface with the player object not responding to mousedown. No other PCs right now to test on other than the surface.

I did find that i could get the mainstack to work with the touchscreen on the first touch after a substack was closed from above it by setting the purge window to true, so was able to solve that issue.

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