problem in using hebrew on MS Win in runrev

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problem in using hebrew on MS Win in runrev

Franz Böhmisch
Hi colleagues

I tested runrev for including bible material in hebrew and greek in unicode.
The problem is on win machines, if I didn't install the foreign language support.

On a machine, where this support had been installed, the hebrew (and syriac) bible text with righttoleft RTL will be shown correctly.
The same file opened on another win machine without installed foreign language support will show greek correctly,
hebrew in the wrong direction from left to right
(but will not display syriac and others at all, but thats not so important).

What is the case on mac and linux with a textfield using hebrew and syriac unicode?
I loaded up  a little test file (2kb) at
for testing.
A screenshot from mac and linux would be nice.

Only a few users explicitly install the foreign language support for oriental languages on win.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

By the way:
This is not a specific runrev problem,
because the same problem occures when using .NET
compiled with SharpDevelop


Regards, Franz

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