\"System\" font on Mac - diff between LC 8 and LC 9??

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\"System\" font on Mac - diff between LC 8 and LC 9??

Nicolas Cueto via use-livecode
So, in LC8 changes were made to the UI font themes and the System font was one new addition.
According to the dictionary...
 The list of font names includes a set of special-purpose names which
automatically select the matching font for the platform. You can use
these to request "the font used for buttons" without having to hard-code
platform-specific font names. These fonts are:
- (Text) - the font used for fields and other controls with editable content
- (Menu) - the font used for menu items
- (Message) - the font used for buttons, labels and other communication from the app
- (Styled Text) - the font used by default for rich text
- (System) - the font for controls not covered by another category
- (Tooltip) - the font used for displaying tooltips
- (Default) - selects one of the UI fonts automatically based on the control type

Given what I am seeing is on the latest MacOS and there seems to be a difference between LC8 and LC9 it would seem that as the underlying OS is the same LC9 is picking a different font for "System" than LC8.

Judging by f/b this only occurs for MacOS 10.11 or later.

Perhaps LC9 is picking a different font than LC8 which only becomes apparent in these later OS's
Perhaps LC9 has a bug and is falling back on some other mechanism to allocate the actual font to the "System".

It would probably be good to know, one way or the other in case it reverts or breaks again with the next OS release.

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