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scrollbars on iOS

Trevor DeVore via use-livecode
I'm trying to make a very simple app featuring a large browser widget in a
small group. Not entirely to my surprise, the browser widget is displayed over
the scrollbars of the group (it's cropped to the outer borders of the group,
but not taking account of the scrollbars).

That's OK I thought (this app is for my own use) - I'll tell the group not to
bother displaying scrollbars, and add my own scrollbars outside it, to scroll
the group. This works fine on desktop. On iOS (which is what I want it for)
the scrollbars sort of work - but they have tiny 'thumbs', the draggable
moving bit.

I was surprised because I know I've done another iOS app on which the
scrollbars seemed to behave normally (with proportional thumbs). When I went
to look however, I found that this was a case where I'd had a group displaying
its own scrollbars, and that seemed fine.

Is there some trick to make normal scrollbars work OK on mobile (specifically



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