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touch issues with the surface

Tore Nilsen via use-livecode
Has anyone done multiple stacks with a surface under touch?

my app has a video playback substack that the control (master) stack brings up to play video full screen over the control app. works fine on mac and pc and the surface in pc mode (using mice and trackpads) but in tablet mode or in pc mode when you do touch an odd thing happens. When you select a video to play the master stack opens the video stack and loads the video into the player on this stack and reconfigures everything to play the video full screen. If you touch the video it just close the video stack and you are back with just the master stack. odd thing is that the first touch back on the master stack does not register as mousedown or up in livecode and you have to touch a second time to get the mousedown/up event. but when the video stack then is brought back up to play the video the first touch on the video stack registers a mousedown/up. This is true if the video substack is opened/closed each time used or just hidden/show. first thought it was some sort of issue with other windows in the development system but i get the same behavior when i build an app that contains the two stacks.

i could just change the surface version of this app to open just a player over the control stack and ditch the separate video stack (thats part of another version that lets the video be on one screen (projector) and control stack on the laptop for presentations. surface version of the app is to just have it all play full screen on the surface in tablet mode.

but it bugs me not knowing why something is behaving like this in one permutation…

surface is a very quirky system…



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