tsneterr: HTTP response Code 400?

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tsneterr: HTTP response Code 400?

Nicolas Cueto via use-livecode

LC 8.1.3 I have some "put URL ." with PHPs executed on my server, which runs

Now I get a support call from a (windows) customer who gets "tsneterr: HTTP
response Code 400 returned from server"

A "HTTP 400 error" usually is a bad request because of a bad HTTP syntax
sent by the client which can't be resolved by the server. Since my program
runs fine at "all" other customers and my test machines, I assume it must be
something very special going on at the clients machine or network and the
error 400 is not the "real" error, but there must be something other going
on, which doesn't sends a more specific error code. Since this customer is a
school, which probably has some security mechanism in their network, I
assume it could be related to that network topography.

Has anybody ever encountered an error 400 which was not related to a bad
syntax or any ideas, what I could check for at that customer?

Thanks for any ideas





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